Samsung teases the new Galaxy Fold 2

With Galaxy Unpacked 2020 only a short while away. Samsung continues to tease its upcoming products ahead of the event on social media.

On Sunday, the company tweeted “One fold, infinite possibilities. Unpacked on August 5, 2020” with a video of what clearly mimics a foldable phone.

This was in response to his original tweet claiming the Fold 2 wasn’t going to be unveiled at 2020’s Unpacked.

But Samsung seems to be hinting otherwise. The second-generation version would come a little over a year after the original Galaxy Fold was released.

After Korean publication ETNews confirmed Galaxy Fold 2 specs in June, Young took to Twitter to post screenshots of the supposed specs.

According to his tweets, the Fold 2 could have a larger display on the inside coming at 7.5 inches. The front display on the Fold 2 might also be bigger. At 6.23 inches compared to the much smaller 4.3-inch cover on its predecessor.

The Fold 2 could come with a 120Hz refresh rate which would make sense considering Samsung’s S20 comes with that feature as well.

According to another tweet from Young, the Fold 2 might feature Samsung’s Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) as featured on the Galaxy Z Flip. It apparently should be more durable than the glass on the original Fold.

While I didn’t have any issues with the display while using the Z Flip, I didn’t get to spend more than 24 hours with it. But it’s safe to say that phone didn’t experience the same disastrous launch as the Fold did.