OnePlus Buds Review: “Cheap AirPods”

The OnePlus Buds require a OnePlus phone if you want to get the most from them. So these really won’t appeal to owners of other Android devices. You won’t get features like wireless charging or noise cancellation at a price this low. The OnePlus Buds have strong battery life, decent sound, and a stable wireless connection. They’re available in white and gray in the US, with the divisive blue / green combo reserved for international markets.

The charging case looks like a squished, squatter version of the Pixel Buds case. OnePlus claims it worked for around 90 days to perfect the case’s matte texture. I like the end result, and matte always wins over glossy — especially in the dog days of summer. Take note, Samsung. (The earbuds themselves are glossy, however.) The Buds can reach up to seven hours of continuous battery life, and the case has enough juice to get you to around 30 hours of total listening time.

They lack wireless charging, but the OnePlus Buds do pack some frills despite the low price: they’re rated IPX4 water resistant, so they can withstand sweat and some splashes of water. They’ll automatically pause music when one earbud is removed, and they also support Android’s Fast Pair feature, which ties them to your Google account, shows battery levels for the buds and case, and lets you find a misplaced earbud by playing a sound. Unfortunately, you can’t use either of the earbuds standalone for audio or making calls, and they can only pair to one device at a time.

OnePlus Nord release date, price, specs and leaks

The OnePlus Nord is the new affordable smartphone from the Chinese smartphone manufacturer. As it looks to reach more fans by offering a more price-conscious option alongside its flagship tier.

Pre-orders for the OnePlus Nord are currently open, even though the phone hasn’t been formally confirmed, but they’re set to close very soon.

The new OnePlus Nord phone has a lower price tag than the OnePlus 8. Addressing the concern some fans had about the firm’s big price hikes in recent years as it moved away from its mid-range pricing.

The latter has now been officially confirmed as the name for the affordable smartphone.

Release date

The OnePlus Nord release date is yet to be confirmed, but it’s close. What we do know, however, is the OnePlus Nord launch date, which is set for July 21.

It will be available in Europe and India first. A select number of users in North America will also get a chance to experience the new device through a highly limited beta program after launch”.

We don’t have any more detail on the North America beta program at the moment, but we’ll update this page as soon as we hear.


What we do know is the OnePlus Nord price. OnePlus has confirmed it will be “below $500” (around £410 / AU$730).

That makes the phone comfortably cheaper than the OnePlus 8, which starts at $699 / £599 (about AU$1,100). Which is good, as OnePlus has been teasing the ‘affordable’ handset for a while now.

We wouldn’t be surprised if “below $500” translates to $499, rather than an even lower price tag. You could always keep your fingers crossed for something

OnePlus 8 – It ranks as the best smartphone

OnePlus 8 – Everything you need to know about

Well here is everything you need to know about OnePlus 8. OnePlus has been steadily climbing the ranks of the best smartphone makers. The OnePlus 8 series is the company’s latest release and, without doubt, it’s the best one yet.

In this OnePlus 8 buyer’s guide, we bring together all the best resources on the OnePlus and OnePlus 8 Pro. You’ll find purchase advice if you’re just considering buying the OnePlus 8, but also tips and in-depth resources for OnePlus 8 series owners. In short, welcome to your one-stop-shop OnePlus 8 resource.

OnePlus 8


  • Polished design, vertical rear camera bump
  • Tall in the hand, but light: 160.2mm x 72.9mm x 8mm, 163g
  • No pop-up selfie camera, opting instead for a less-flashy punch-hole

The OnePlus 8 is a more iterative take on its predecessor, the OnePlus 7T, but it includes enough improvements to make it a serious affordable flagship handset – and in some ways, the new OnePlus phone has less competition given that the Samsung Galaxy S20 line doesn’t have its own lower-priced equivalent.

But the OnePlus 8 has also been elevated closer to Galaxy S-range level with the kind of je ne sais quoi touches that put Samsung’s flagships in a different league to the OnePlus 7T.

Performance and battery life

The OnePlus 8 runs as well as the OnePlus 8 Pro and the Galaxy S20 phones thanks to running on largely similar specs, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 mobile chip.

One spec where the OnePlus 8 differs from other top Android phones is its LPDDR4x RAM versus the faster and more power-efficient LPDDR5 standard in more expensive phones. Again, despite technically lesser RAM, the OnePlus 8 wasn’t any slower in running apps and the Android operating system.


Here’s another hidden spec that’s buried in a OnePlus 8 tech sheet. The OnePlus 8 has technically “lesser” array of Sony camera sensors that the OnePlus 8 Pro.

Specifically, the OnePlus 8 has a Sony IMX586 camera sensor, and the OnePlus 8 Pro has a higher-end Sony IMX689. The differences between the two are unclear, but the OnePlus 8 still takes great photos that the grand majority of us will be happy with, regardless.