Poco F2 Pro – The Full Screen Deal!

Poco is finally introducing the long-awaited Poco F2 Pro. A quad-camera packing, OLED screen-toting, Snapdragon 865-powered flagship apparent, and yet there’s something different this time around. The phone embodies everything the Poco F1 stood for but also deals with the realities of meeting current expectations.

To start with, the phone has got a substantial price bump over the first-gen hardware. The Pocophone F1 launched for €329 (~$356) or Rs. 21,000 in India. In comparison, the Poco F2 Pro starts at a significantly higher €499 (~$539/Rs.40,500), goes all the way up to €599 (~$647/Rs. 48,800) for the top-end variant. That’s a solid price increase that is bound to ruffle a few feathers.

The Poco F2 Pro is a thorough revamp that can genuinely attempt to take on current-gen flagships. The glass and metal design is not just eye-catching but should feel great in the hand. Add to that a significantly upgraded camera system, support for NFC, a headphone jack (remember those?), an OLED screen, and the Snapdragon 865 chipset, of course, and the phone starts looking like a rather good deal.

To understand the Poco F2’s value proposition, it is important to look at the broader perspective. Phone prices have gone up significantly since the launch of the Poco F1, and the F2 Pro reflects that hardware reality.

With high-end smartphones crossing $1,000 and often going up significantly over that. However, no longer is it alone in offering value. The competition has all but stolen the Poco F2 Pro’s thunder by introducing top-of-the-line specs and arguably a more well-rounded package for not much more money.

We’ll have to wait until our full review before we can declare a final verdict. For now one thing is very clear: the Poco F2 Pro is still a flagship killer.

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