Neuralink nearly ready for the first volunteers


Neuralink, the AI-brain-chip company spearheaded by Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. Could be ready to put a version of its implant in a person “within a year,”.

Neuralink, which was founded in 2016, is Musk’s neural technology company that’s developing an implant designed to interface directly with the human brain.

“There’s still a lot of work to do,” Musk said when speaking with Rogan. “So when I say, you know, we’ve probably got a shot at putting it in a person, you know, within a year. I think, that’s exactly what I mean, I think we have a chance of putting input in one end. Having them be healthy, and restoring some functionality that they’ve lost.”

“It could, in principle, fix anything that’s wrong with the brain,” Musk said.

It’s not the first time Musk has made such claims. Back in July 2019, Musk said that he hoped to have an implant in a human patient by the end of next year.

But that’s just the early ambitions Musk has in store for Neuralink. In the long term, he hopes to develop a device that could enable “symbiosis” between humans and AI.

Neuralink plans to start testing its technology on human volunteers during the second quarter of 2020, pending FDA approval. Neuralink will drill four 8-millimeter holes in their skulls and then insert threads that will pass neuronal data to an implant behind the ear. This will then send information to a computer. This time line is highly ambitious and pretty unlikely, to say the least.

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