iOS 14 release date, features, beta and more

iOS 14 release date, features

Given last year’s big iOS updates came out on September 19, one day before this year’s new iPhone line. We’re guessing that iOS 14 will launch in late September 2020. That will be just in time for the launch of the iPhone 12, which will be the first phones to get the next iOS.

Assuming Apple follows prior years, it will likely unveil iOS 14 at its annual WWDC conference. That’s set to take place virtually this year – due to the Covid-19 pandemic – and it’ll be starting on June 22.

Apple usually releases an initial developer beta the same day, so it may do the same in 2020. The first public beta will likely follow later in the month, and will accordingly get new betas after the developer versions.


iOS 14 compatibility

While Apple didn’t leave any phones behind when it introduced iOS 12. The most recent jump to iOS 13 made up for it by stranding two generations of iPhone handsets. It’s unclear what kind of new features require Apple to raise the threshold for which iOS phones will be able to download the new version of iOS. So it’s all speculation whether a generation of older iPhones won’t be able to install iOS 14.

The company just unveiled a new iPhone SE, which leads us to think it won’t. However, another rumor suggests Apple is thinking of keeping support for the iPhone 6S and SE or newer. It’s always possible that Apple changes its mind in the next few months, of course.

iOS 14: Features

  • New multitasking interface: . When you want to jump from app to app in the current version of iOS, you spend a lot of time swiping your way through a series of individual app screens. That could change in iOS 14, as Apple may introduce a multitasking interface that displays four open apps at once.
  • New list view for apps: . The grid look for your iPhone home screen could be getting a refresh in iOS 14. 9to5Mac reports that Apple may introduce a List view that provides a new way to scroll through all the apps on your phone.
  • New fitness app: It’s no secret Apple has an interest in helping you monitor your health and fitness activity. But iOS 14 may take that one step farther, according to a MacRumors report about a new app rumored to be called Fitness.
  • A new AR app: Leaked files show off an icon for a Gobi app. According to John Constine. That’s an AR app that will work with QR codes to present comparison shopping features, open links and forge promotional tie-ins with partners like Starbucks. AR also figures into an updated Find My app and Apple’s upcoming AirTags trackers for helping locate tagged objects.
  • A way to use apps without downloading them: 9to5Mac reports that there’s a Clips tool that will let iPhone users access some app features without having to download a full app. (It’s similar to the Instant App and Slices features that Android supports.)
  • Wallpapers and widgets: Leaker DongleBookPro tweeted out leaked images reportedly of iOS 14 that show you’ll be able to toggle between different looks on your home screen wallpaper — in addition to the standard view, you’ll also have the option of switching between dark, dim and blurred variations. In addition, 9to5Mac reports that Apple may allow you to post real widgets to your iPhone’s home screen; currently widgets are restricted to the Today section of the iPhone.