Escobar is selling ‘Gold-Plated’ iPhone 11 Pro for $499

Robert Escobar, the brother of the slain narcotrafficker Pablo Escobar, gets a high out of nibbling at Apples.

Escobar might be trying to step out of his infamous brother’s shadow. The tactics he is deploying are eerily similar: by tweaking an in-demand product and marketing it at a lower price point. They has trained its guns on a new target: Apple. His new offering, a gold-plated refurbished version of the iPhone 11 Pro (256GB). The original device retails for $1,149.

The iPhone 11 Pros sold by the company will reportedly ship with original accessories including earpods and the charging cable. The golden back face of the phone will have the Escobar Inc. branding embossed on it. It remains to be seen if those placing orders online will actually receive the product. If they do, it will likely be in a “luxury wooden box.”

Apple can never do that,” Roberto Escobar said in a statement. Their’s YouTube channel has videos of women in lingerie flaunting and performing illogical acts with the company’s refurbished smartphones, including smashing them deliberately to prove their ruggedness.